Asian Fight back Gallantly in true Asian spirit 3- 2 for Asia-

Five foursome games  Day 2---tomorrow  ten Singles

Day two honours  to Asia.Europe holds  the lead  7-3 after yesterday's debacle by Asia  Asia two wins and two halves today. In the five foursomes matches played at the Eurasia Cup on Friday

Results of  Foursome match play  today 28-3-14 at GlenMarie Kual Lumpur.
1-  Jadee /Kiradech  vs  Jimenez /Pabalo   A/S

2- Anirban Lahiri and Siddikur Rahman combined for a 1-up triumph over Joost Luiten and Victor Dubuisson.

3- Prayad Markseng/Kim Hyung Sung  beat  Thomas Bjorn/ 

Thorbjorn  4 and 3

4-Orda/ Taihara   vs   Gonzallo  Gallacher   A/S

5-Graeme McDowell and Jamie Donaldson's 2 and 1 victory over Gaganjeet Bhullar and Nicholas   was exciting today
Kiradech with Mom and pop
Day 2 Foursome Math play

 Asia showed prowess-

Best shot of the day b Jimenez Hi approach shot to the green on the 18 gave  M…. a three foot put for birdie. thus halving the hole against  Thongachi and Kiradech – Asian was leading all the way on the 18 the thy were one up. A  hazy day was experience but there were singes of strain by either side
Bhuller showed he can put made some fine long puts on day two All  Asian were doing there duty playing well  considering the disastrous display on day one  Tomorrow  the final day is now open to any ones  guess. That makes  exciting golf to come on final day. Will you be there???

Tomorrow the final day is  10 singles pairing  done by the Organizing committee.

Last  flight of the day 2 Bhuller Nicholus and....

Day 2 leaderboard EurAsia Cup 2014

Early hours of the game all red  up 

Match maker indeed Jimenez

Kiradech in Mood

Kiradech in full  swing
Another fine put  by Jimenez
Jimenez -a Captain's game