Babies in Golf -Asia is a good as any in the world
Spirited Asians Halt the mighty March of Europe

Day 3 at Glen Marie & CC, Malaysia  from the fairways By DamarUGolf
Asia is a good as any in the world
This day, history was written and re- written as on this day Asia proved they take on any golfer in the world. Europe the current Ryder Cup holders were halted by the gallant come back of team Asia; Day One was a wash out,  and Day Two was for Asia, Day Three was a sweep by Asia making the game a Draw.
From the beginning the scores were for red (Team Asian color) all the way. Out of ten games, Team Asia collected 7 points. On one game, Malaysian hotshot Nicholas Fung lost to seasoned Jimenez, as the European Captain putted a near-impossible putt to claim a point at the 18th. Jimenez did the same trick yesterday edging Thongchai and Kiradech…. at the last hole, to collecting a half point. Jimenez indeed played a Captain’s game. To the question by Damaru Golf addressed to the Jimenez “You drink lots of wine, smoke cigars and yet you play good golf! How do you do that?” Jimenez answered “Well, stay focused on the job at hand” was the simple answer. How true. Jimenez is a totally different man before a game - no one will be able to get a word with him because he ‘zones out’. After the game, however, he is available for talking.
At the conclusion of his match, Jimenez did his level best to give morale support to his team, providing all the advice he had to offer. Yet he could not halt the mighty Asian onslaught.
What a widely contrasting performances between Day One and Day 3 exhibited by Team Asia, when on the crucial final day Team Asia played charged like Trojans, devastating Team Europe in every part of the game.
For this day, the golf scene in the world will never be the same. Now there is Asia, not only big in performance, but also very big in hosting and organizing world-class events such as these. China has taken a lead in this field,as evidenced by the PGA Tour’s keen interest to begin a golf tour in China.

The coming of age of Asian Golf! Well done Team Asia!
Captains were fighting  for the Trophy

“I'm happy the way I performed under pressure but I have to say that was the most nervous I’ve ever been,” said Fernandez-Castaño, a seven-time European Tour champion. “However you just need to look around you at what is going on here: This is big. This is going to be the next big thing in golf and I'm really proud of being part of the first edition.”
Fernandez-Castaño, in tense putting
Asian captain Thongchai – who got Asia off to the perfect start with a 3 & 2 win over 2010 U.S. Open Champion Graeme McDowell
Thongchai JAIDEE

Opposite number Jiménez – who was one of only two outrights winners for Europe when he nervelessly holed an eight foot birdie putt on the final green to beat a luckless Malaysian home favourite Nicholas Fung in the first match
Captains Game by  Miguel Angel JIMENEZ contributing 2 1/2 points

In the end, the fate of the EurAsia Cup – with the score tied at 9 ½ - 9 ½ - laid in the hands of Spain’s Gonzalo Fernandez-Castaño and Hideto Tanihara of Japan, whose ding-dong battle saw them all square playing the last hole in the last match on the course.

Gonzalo Fernandez- Being Motivated by Jimenez
EurAsia Cup final round-Thongchai Jaidee & HidetoTanihara