DRB- HICOM IS proud to be involved so said---Dato' Syed Mohamad Syed Murtaza Chairman

Syed Mohamad said all instyle

Dato' Syed Mohamad Syed Murtaza, Chairman of DRB-HICOM the host of this HISTORICAL event, answered questions from the media; simple, concise and to the point.

Some interesting stuff he mentioned were, he is a 16-handicapper and has played 4-under his handicap on this course, some years ago. An avid golfer waiting to tee off tomorrow with the two captains, in the pro-am tournament.

Glenmarie - ready to host the battle

Q- How did it all start? This historical event?
A- For years we have been discussing about hosting this event, Tun Sarji in particular, who finally, with the PM's blessing, enabled us to materialise the event.

Q- Are you satisfied?
A- Of course, we are honoured to be hosts for this historical event, and we are sure this event will outgrow the Ryder Cup someday.

Q- Is the course ready?
A-  Yes, with the help of the European Tour who gave us some helpful hints; despite no rain we were able to make the course ready for the event. The course is narrow with about 6500yards or so. No advantages for long-hitters unless they are accurate. The roughs are very tall, hence keeping the ball on the fairway is key. This is the Garden Course which is easier than the other 18 we have.

Q- Green speed?
A- 11

Q-What objectives do you have for hosting this event?
A- Well, many. First, we are already into promoting the game of golf in Malaysia. This is a fine opportunity to even extend further. DRB HICOM is a conglomerate involved in automobiles (Proton, Lotus), banking, insurance, property development.What you see around here is a 650 US$ million project. They are being marketed worldwide with this event .

Q- Next year?
A-  Let's wait and see. However, for the next few years, Asia will be hosting this event.

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