Quotes from the field: EurAsia Captains on team spirit, strategy and more

Arjun Atwal (Team Asia Captain): 

"Putting wins matches. If you make putts, you're going to wn matches. All these guys hit it the same this is my first time being a captain of anything, bbut I've watched enough matches on TV where you've seen the winning side always drains putts, where it's long, shorts, whatever they keep making putts and that's how they win. I have just gotten lucky where all my guys putt really well."
"If someone asks me the same question, are you surprised or shocked?  I'm not.  Because if you look at my players, they are fantastic.  They are all champions.  In golf, if you can win one strokeplay tournament, you guys have to realize it takes a lot to win any strokeplay tournament, and all these guys are winners."

"Yeah, I spoke with everybody, even the guys who lost.  I was in everybody's ear.  Like anybody who was either down or up, and most of my guys who were down, I had to go ... they were down I think three, I went up to them.  I spoke with everybody out there."
Arjun Atwal when asked on what he said to his players when Europe won the first three matches.

"My mindset this week, coming into this week was just to get every player very, very comfortable with themselves and whatever partner she choose to play with.  And not feel the stress of the talk that, you know, we are underdogs and we are up against such a strong European Team, which is real, but my job was just to make them as comfortable in their own skin as I could and then let them go out and enjoy themselves and do their work."

"No, there's no golf talk, unless someone wants to talk about golf or their matches or if they have any questions about what to do or anything.  But I just told them to just do whatever they want.  I mean, I'm not their dad.  I'm not their teacher or anything.  I'm just here to make them comfortable, that's all."
Arjun Atwal when asked about whether there is any talk about golf in the team room.

Thomas Bjørn (Team Europe Captain):

"Yeah, it was a bit reverse of yesterday to be honest.  We got off to a really good start and things looked like they were going our way and it turned a little bit on its head in the end.  We came out of the session 33 which is not what we were looking for, but you know, we live to fight another day tomorrow and we've got 12 strong players, as I said, all week.  I believe in all 12 of them, as I always will.
You know, we've got to go out and put some blue on that board and try and win the singles.  It's as simple as that.  That's what in front of us.  I would say that this team is very capable of winning the singles, but we are getting a good fight this week, that's for sure.  Yeah, slightly disappointed with the outcome today, but I'm sure we can rise to what's ahead of us tomorrow. "
Thomas Bjørn on his thoughts on the day.

"Their spirit is fine.  As golfers, the first half an hour, 45 minutes is always a bit ... when things are not going right, is always a bit, you evaluate what's going on and you're disappointed, and then you start regrouping and refocusing on what's ahead.  That's what we do as sportsmen.  We don't dwell too much on what's in the past.  We know we have a task ahead of us tomorrow.  You know, I want them to be the best they can be and I want them to draw on the people that's gone before them and they want to leave this tournament for European golf in a place where we take this serious.  We go and win these things and we go and battle hard.
You know, they will learn a lot about themselves, and if you want to go on to bigger and greater things and you want to be in the biggest tournaments in the world, you to have take these moments and stand up and be a big player.  They know that.  Some has things to learn and some have done it before, but as a group of 12, the spirit is great.  They are in a good place.  They are disappointed with the results so far, but they have got a point to prove tomorrow. " Thomas Bjørn when asked on the Team Europe's team spirit in the team room.

"They are proven winners.  They don't like losing.  So, they know they have a job to do and the only way you can do that job is by winning your own point and go out and try and do that.  It's very unlikely you're going to win all 12 matches but everyone has to go out and really knuckle down and do the best they can.
I don't need to explain to them how to play golf and how to win matches, but I do sometimes expect them to stand up and be tougher in certain situations.  But that comes mostly from rust because those 12 players, they know how to win golf tournaments, and tomorrow, they all need to win their own golf tournament."
Thomas Bjørn on how as captain he helps align the team's mindset.

"You know, you've got to look at the position you're in and you've got to try and get the points.  But you know, we've got to win the singles, and when you look at strategy, I can look at all my 12 players and say that they should and could beat the opponents.
But Arjun will say the same.  He will say that every player on his side could go out over 18 holes of golf and win their match.  That's what's ahead of all 12 players and it's down to them to show that they are bigger and stronger and better tomorrow, and I expect them to be. "
Thomas Bjørn when asked on the thinking and the strategy that goes into making the lineup of singles.

"I think that in general, you know, the best players in the world are better putters.  When you look through our lineup of players and World Rankingwise in general, those players are quality players and over a long period of time they do better.
But you know, in Asia, it can be difficult to putt with the grain, and especially early on in the season, we find that every time we come to some of the tournament the in Southeast Asia, we can find it difficult, and if you don't get that quite right and you're not used to it, it can be difficult.  But they have played here enough.  They are experienced enough, and I think they should do fine.  But in general, you know, the margin in golf is so small between players, and I just think as a group of 12, World Rankings will tell us that we are better, but over any given week, it's a very even matchup."
Thomas Bjørn when asked on the biggest difference between the two teams, i.e is it off the tee, is it putting is it psychology..

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