#RAFA CABRERA-BELLO#GOLF Damaru Eurasia 2018 at Gelnmarie

#RAFA CABRERA-BELLO#GOLF Damaru Eurasia 2018 at Gelnmarie      

14 January  2018



Q.  Talk us through your round today.
RAFA CABRERABELLO:  Obviously very happy now to have played well and especially to have secured the point for Europe.  Gavin, obviously a very tough competitor.  I knew I had to play really good today, and I'm happy I did it.
I started strong.  I kept my foot down on the accelerator and managed to win my match on the 15th, so proud of that.

Q.  Team Europe seemed to stamp their authority today.  Did the captain tell you guys anything this morning, any strategies?
RAFA CABRERABELLO:  Well, many matches are still on the course.  Yes, the leader board is looking blue at the moment, but in golf anything can happen at the very last minute.
We have played the best we could the first two days.  It's just the Asian team are a very strong team.  They have also played really good and most occasions they have outplayed us.
We knew we had a tough task.  The captain had a chat with us just encouraging us, motivating us for today, and it's obviously helped a lot.  I'm glad that all my teammates are doing great at the moment.
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